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Work Experience

2010-2010 Construction Coordinator, 360 Designworks
Prepare and estimate cost for labor and materials related to film and television industries. Provide cost analysis, breakdowns. Provide materials and crew necessary to provide services needed.

2010-2010  Production Manager, Collins Visual Media
Provided Management Services as a freelancer for several projects, including MTV, Nike, Disney, Absolute. Install and provide graphics for clients as well as installation crew.

2010-2010 Art Director, Date A Human
Design and Build sets, for this pilot episode as well as provide art direction.

2009-2009 Art Director, The Morning After
Direct cast and crew as well as provide and manage props for this production of a pilot episode of The Morning After.

2009-2009 Production Manager, 11thr Production Services
Manage and Staff crews for set up of various events, such as AVP Pro Volleyball Tour, Concourse De Elegance, Malibu Rum, Russell Athletics. Responsible for all aspects of these productions from start to finish.

2009-2009 Construction Foreman, Private The Web Series
Set up design and coordinate various builds for Private the web series, schedule crew, securing materials and working with production to provide various props for stunts, and shoot.

2008-2008 Designer, David Tutera
Facilitate An Event in Los Angeles for this New York based Designer, help with design and production of a private event. Hire and organize additional production help, co-ordinate rentals, props, and onsite supervision.

2008-2008 Prop Design/Build, Propmaster, DRCC Vision
Design and Build Custom Water Pump for use in Indie short, secure materials, fabricate such said pump, as well as facilitate to location and set up for shoot.

2008-2008 Set Medic/Production Assistant, Lightning Strikes Production
Provide Emergency Medical Care to cast and crew, act as safety officer on production as well as work in an on set production assistant, responsible for walkie distribution, vehicle maintenance, fueling, and crafty.

2008-2008 Production Designer, CreateASceneLa
Assist with production of special events, such as weddings and private parties. Assist with design of floral arrangements, as well as production. Responsible for crew, set-up and tear down.

2008-2008 Production Manager/Lead Installer, Stephanie Grace Designs
Assist with Design, Construction, and Production of Private Events, Corporate Events, Weddings, Etc. Facilitate Crew with Timelines necessary for such events. Set-Up , and Strike.

2007-2008 Set Installer, Los Angeles Party Designs
Assist with Design, Construction and Production of Components necessary for Events, such as Private Events, Movie Premieres, etc.

2007-2007 Production Manager/ Lead Installer, Silver Birches
Assist with design, construction and production of components necessary for use in events, such as private events, parties, movie premieres, etc. Act as a Production Manager and or Lead Installer for such said events. Handle all rentals, supervise employees, secure materials, and all other areas related to this field.

2007-2007 Construction/Production Co-Coordinator, Circus Dog Productions-Pie Town Entertainment
Assist with design and construction for a pilot episode of Hammerheads, A home improvement show. Responsibilities included estimation and acquisition of materials related to project. build  specifications, prepare and advise on-air talent during production as well as construct the project behind the scenes.

2006-Present Stage Manger/Production/Design, Air Hollywood
Assist with design and construction of airline fuselages, airline terminals, airplanes and airline props department. Act as a Stage Manager or Company Liaison during production, assist with productions, including the assembly/disassembly and reconfiguration of mock cockpits, cabins, fuselages and other components as necessary.

2006-2006 Set Design and Construction, Hero Filmworks
Assist with design and construction of production titled Le Petomane

2006-2006 Set Design and Construction, Set Medic, Who Knew Entertainment
Design and Construct walking on water effect for production titled The Yesterday Pool.
As well provide Emergency Medical Care to cast and crew, as well as provide safety management.

2006-2006 Set Medic, Darkside Production
Provide Emergency Medical Services to cast and crew on production titled Breaking In The Show. Oversee video/still images, provide safety management.

2004-2004 Set Design and Construction, Aol NFL Experience, Superbowl XXXIX

2004-2004 Set Medic Gonzo Productions
Provide Emergency Medical Service to cast and crew in a reality show set. Supervise stunts, overlook props and provide safety management.

2003-2006 Seasonal Firefighter/EMT, California Department of Forestry, San Bernardino Ranger Unit
Fire suppression of both wildland and structure fires, render medical aid to the sick and injured. Use of and maintaining of tools related to fire suppression.

2003-2004 Emergency Department Technician, Desert Hospital
Assist Medical Professionals with various procedures, render medical aid to the sick and injured. Triage, stock and maintain medical equipment.

2003-2003 Night Counselor/Technician, Michaels A Recovery Center for Men
Supervise patient recovery, therapeutic activities, dispense patient prescribed medications, and maintain patient files.

2003-2003 Lifeguard/EMT, Palm Canyon Resort and Spa
Supervise all water activities, provide rescues in water emergencies. Render medical aid to the sick and injured.

2002-2006 Volunteer Firefighter/EMT, Riverside County Fire Department
Fire suppression of both wildland and structure fires. Render medical aid to the sick and injured. Use of and maintenance of tools related to fire suppression.